Mountain Man On World Cafe : World Cafe The a cappella trio rose to fame by bringing traditional choral styles and harmonies back to folk music. As young recent college grads, they've accomplished more than some veteran musicians and bands can only dream of. Hear the trio perform songs from its debut album, live.

Mountain Man On World Cafe

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courtesy of Travis Shuggin
Mountain Man
courtesy of Travis Shuggin

Set List

  • "How’m I Doin"
  • "Dog Song
  • "Play It Right"
  • "Holy Father"

On stage, Mally Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monning and Amelia Meath gather in semi-circle form with little accompaniment other than an acoustic guitar. With hushed surroundings, the bareness of their three voices is completely enthralling. Iit's rare to find music that focuses on the delicate arrangements of voice alone anymore, but the trio from Bennington, Vt., has made a cappella cool again. After the three girls met at Bennington College, they quickly realized how powerful their music was shaping up to be.

It wasn't until Mountain Man posted a few simple recordings on its Myspace page that its popularity spread like wildfire. Before they could even piece together a debut album, the girls played at SXSW, the Glastonbury Festival and even toured the U.K. Mountain Man's debut LP, Made the Harbor, is out now on Partisan Records.