Annoying Songs For Christmas Jim Nayder, host of Chicago Public Radio's The Annoying Music Show!, joins Scott Simon to share some of this year's most trying holiday tunes. Included are songs from Bob Dylan, Timmy Christmas and Righteous Pop Music.

Annoying Songs For Christmas

Annoying Songs For Christmas

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Santa Claus in the studio. Dave Hogan/Stringer hide caption

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Dave Hogan/Stringer

Santa Claus in the studio.

Dave Hogan/Stringer

Songs Heard In This Story

Timmy Christmas, "Christmas Fever"

Righteous Pop Music, "Brady Bunch Theme"

Bob Dylan, "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing"

Marlene Dietrich, "Drummer Boy"

Gefilte Joe & The Fish, "Hanukkah Rocks"

Larry Nestor, "Santa Doesn't Smoke Anymore"

It's important to remember that Christmas, at its core, celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. But now that we're in the midst of marathon holiday madness, another part of Christmas is hanging in the air: holiday music. Some of us enjoy the sound ringing at every turn; others can find it wearying. In that spirit, our Annoying Music expert, Jim Nayder, joins Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon to share some horrible holiday tunes.

Famous singers make holiday albums because we're always looking for new treatments of old standards, and because they sell. When you get someone who's famous and annoying, you get some Christmas magic. Included in this year's edition are songs from Bob Dylan, Timmy Christmas, Righteous Pop Music and more.