The Top 20 Top 10s Of 2010 We know this is the time of year for listmaking, so we have the ultimate list for your list-making needs: a list of lists. Not just any list of lists, but a list of the best lists.
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The Top 20 Top 10s Of 2010

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The absolutely best collection of Top Whatever Lists of the year can be found at NPR’s Holidays 2010 page. But here is another roster of 20 10s for 2010 if you are still in gear for more end-of-year cheer.

20. Craziest Housewives: Leave it to television and E! Online to give houswifery a bad name.

19. Apologies: TIME goes listcrazy with Top 10 Everything. Including (irony alert) Underreported Stories.

18. Disgustingly Expensive Gifts: Yes, the $71,500 teddy bear is here. Yes, the $2.4 million phone is, too.

17. Beatles Songs: There’s nothing like a Top10 Fab Four songlist riot. Except a Walrus Wasn’t Paul brawl.

16. Funniest Movies Of All Time: Wait. Where is Mabel Normand? Charlie Chaplin? Woody Allen? Eddie Murphy?

15. Hottest Careers For College Grads: Oddly enough, Drafting Top 10 Lists didn’t make the cut.

14. Free MMORPG Games: Win friends, influence trolls with these massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

13. Transcendental Numbers: This list is totally irrational and leads to a mathematical embarrassment. [Blush.]

12. Discoveries: Shorter days, a dark cosmic flow and a fish with hands: Just another year at NatGeo.

11. Underrated Movie Dream Sequences: Inexplicably missing -- the Dream Ballet from Oklahoma!

10. Strangest Film & TV Adaptations Ever: What’s more bizarre: A Rubik’s Cube talking to kids or Michael Jordan talking to Daffy

9. Killer Thrillers: Stick these books in your NPR totebag and forget about sleeping soundly.

8. Movies For Architects & Architecture: Speaking of going Sleepless. Tom Hanks not on this list? Back to the drawing

7.  Canadian Characters on U.S. TV Shows: Not as many as you’d think. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with TV today, eh?

6. Weapons Of The Future: For the mercenary who has everything: Force fields, laser beams and rifles that shoot around corners.

5. Most Peaceful Countries: Ah, New Zealand.

4. Insect Websites: Congratulations to the Green Darner Dragonfly, a recent Bug of the Week on

3. Weirdest Foods In The World: Hold the haggis, pass the muktuk.

2. Ten Letter Baby Names: Huckleberry, Beauregard, Marcheline and other celebrity offspring.

1. Geeky Ways To Say I Love You: "More than Zabu loves Codex."

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