Pop Culture Happy Hour: Set Apart From A Sentence By An Exclamation Point It's a special episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour where we consider all the great stuff a little kid needs to grow up right. Well, right and in love with Muppets, anyway.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Set Apart From A Sentence By An Exclamation Point

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This week, our thoughts are of our adored pal and occasional PCHH fill-in Barrie Hardymon, who mentioned on a podcast last fall that she would be having a baby before long. As that time arrives, we decided on an episode in honor of her cutie patootie of a new baby, in which we talk about everything a little kid could need to grow up strong, smart, and addicted to lots and lots of elements of pop culture. (We were going to officially call it A Barrie Special Episode, but we were afraid you'd all be crushed when you found out that she isn't actually in it, on account of being otherwise occupied.)

So what do we have to offer? We've got great books, old-time radio, Muppets, comics, Pee-wee, catchy grammar jingles, and some very beautiful music.

As if that's not enough, we also take just a couple of minutes — really, just a couple — to talk about last weekend's rather perplexing Oscars, and we wrap up the tale of what ever happened to the "Trey with an 'e,' then Graham like the cracker" song in a spectacular fashion we ourselves could not have predicted until a week ago.

All in all, this show is one of our favorites, and we send it out to all of you, and to our dear pal Barrie and her family, with oodles of good thoughts for all PCHH-ers great and small.

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