Culturetopia: Music of Many Worlds Edition This week, Trent Reznor talks about The Social Network, we look at a new kind of dance music called Moombathon, and an Egyptian musician discusses what happened after he played some protest songs.
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Culturetopia: Music of Many Worlds Edition

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This week on NPR's podcast of the week's best arts stories, we've got Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails discussing his Oscar-winning movie score for The Social Network. He says that one moment in the score, a piano tinkling forlornly right when the Mark Zuckerberg character is dumped by his girlfriend, is one of his proudest achievements of all the work he's ever done.

Rekha Malhotra, aka "DJ Rehka," discusses how she's helped popularize a form of Indian dance music known bhangra in the United States, and an Egyptian musician named Ramy Essam discusses the brutal treatment he received from Mubarak supporters after playing anti-government protest songs in Tahir Square (One, about the former president, was called, simply, "Leave.")

And finally, a new kind of dance music, called Moombathon, is a cross between Dutch house music and reggaeton, but it started in Washington DC.

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