Watch Chromeo Perform On 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' In this studio session from Morning Becomes Eclectic, host Jason Bentley sits down with electro-funk duo Chromeo. The group pulled out high-energy, hook-heavy tunes from all of the band's three albums

KCRW Presents: Chromeo

KCRW Presents: Chromeo

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Set List

  • "Tenderoni"
  • "Bonafied Lovin'"
  • "Night By Night"
  • "Don't Turn The Lights On"
  • "Hot Mess"
  • "Needy Girl"
  • "Fancy Footwork"
  • "Mama's Boy"

The electro-funk duo Chromeo brings a party with it wherever its members go, performing high-energy, hook-heavy tunes. Childhood friends P-Thugg and Dave 1 seem like an unlikely pair — one a skinny Jewish guy and the other a stocky Arab guy — but together they create dance-floor burners that all music fans can love. They're clearly having fun, which makes it hard not to have fun with them. They even did part of this interview through a talk box.

The duo played songs from Business Casual and Fancy Footwork, as well as fan favorite "Needy Girl" on a classic Morning Becomes Eclectic session, taped the morning after Chromeo's Hollywood Bowl debut. Here's a live set to enjoy in case you missed the pair at Coachella this past weekend.