Funnybook Round-Up: Of Lawsuits, Ladies And Also, For Some Reason, 'Burn Notice' In this week's roundup of news in and around the world of comics: Superheroic litigation, the top ten patriotic do-gooders, and a very funny cartoon about a very frustrating issue.
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Funnybook Round-Up: Of Lawsuits, Ladies And Also, For Some Reason, 'Burn Notice'

The cover of 1956's Superboy #47 presages a contemporary super-lawsuit between Superman's publisher and the heirs of his co-creator.
DC Comics

A quick around-the-horn this week:

"We Request a Brief Recess, Your Honor, To Gloat, Cackle, Take Money Baths And Devise New Ways to Screw With The Plaintiff's Dreams"

Two super-suits in the news, of late. Jack Kirby's heirs are suing Marvel for a share of the copyrights on his creations, and in a fine and thoughtful write-up over at The Beat, writer Jeff Trexler breaks down the latest developments in the never-ending battle (heh) betwixt DC and the estate of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, which hinges on whether or not Superboy and Superman are two different creations. Go, read.

I Don't Need You! Come Back!

You might have missed another New York Times piece earlier this month, which noted that several movie studios are scaling back their presence at Comic-Con this year. It's not a surprising move, and — for that vocal sect of comics fans who crave mainstream validation even as they bitterly reject its manifestations — it's not entirely unwelcome, either.

You may recall, for example, the mass whingeing that ensued when Twilight's fanbase showed up in San Diego a few years back: "These people like their thing to precisely the same degree that I like my thing, and for very similar reasons, but their thing is not my thing so I would CAST THEM OUT."

"Lots of Bombs in ... the Air! Gave Proof Through the Night! That We Still ... Had Our ... Flag!"

Was all set to do a Top 10 Star-Spangled Superheroes! post in honor of the 4th, only to find that I've been soundly beaten to that particular punch by Ethan Kaye over at the great site Topless Robot, who last year did it better and more concisely than I could ever hope to. Though he left off Fighting American. So. I mean.

Next Up: Franklin & Bash Action Figures! (Warning: Smarminess May Be a Choking Hazard)

What would you say if I told you that there's now a Burn Notice digital comic? I mean besides "Huh."?

You Want Strong? These Female Characters Are SO Strong They Can Twist Their Torsos to Show Off Their Chests and Butts AT THE SAME TIME. I KNOW!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it'd be great to see more strong female characters in superhero comics. So universally, in fact, that you can count on the term "strong female characters" to get trotted out wherever two or more comics readers gather to discuss the state of the genre.

Webcomic creator Kate Beaton and some of her colleagues have had such a discussion and, over at Hark! A Vagrant! (which we've mentioned here a time or twelve), they offer their view of what those strong female characters might actually end up looking like, given the conditions that currently prevail in the realm of mainstream superhero comics. (Warning: mild language and major boobage.)

The SFCs have inspired some pretty awesome fan art, as well. Check the Twitter hashtag #strongfemales for more.