Pop Culture Happy Hour: Two, Four, Six, Eight ... You Know The Rest This week's one-year anniversary of PCHH takes us to the theme of appreciation — things that came along at just the right time, things we fondly wish we could have more of, and the things that, as always, we appreciate for just making us happy.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Two, Four, Six, Eight ... You Know The Rest

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You may not realize that we have been pontificating about all things pop culture (and quite a few other things) for an entire year, but it's true. And because we are not really clip show people ("Let's remember that time we said that one thing!"), we decided that the most appropriate theme was ... appreciation. (NOT APPRECIATION OF US. It's based on the fact that we are all really grateful for the opportunity to jabber in your ears all the time.)

Stephen starts things off by inventing a new holiday to be celebrated Saturday, July 16, and ... you should really hear him explain it. (We'll also have a blog post about it shortly to fill you in.)

We kick off the actual content portion of the show with a topic called Right Place At The Right Time, where we talk about songs, shows, books, or other things that pop into our lives at just the right time. Test Trey's theory that vision aids are pop culture! Hear about my adventures at music camp! Cry because there's this really sad song!

Our other topic this week, Wish You Were Here, invites us all to think about the things that have sadly left us too early — artists who died young, series that aren't made anymore, whatever it is that we're missing. (And, of course, appreciating.)

And finally, a great big round of what's making us happy this week, and yes, one of those things is ... well, you. Yes, yes, we're great big saps, but we really, really do appreciate all you've all done to make our first year on this project so stupendously enjoyable. SO YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH ALL THE WARMTH. (Glen did.)

One more bit of appreciation — our esteemed producer, Mike Katzif, seemed to think this week that a broken arm was an excuse not to record our show (WHATEVER!), so we got a last-minute assist from our also esteemed producer, Jess Gitner.

As always, find us on Twitter: me, Trey, Stephen, Glen, Jess and Mike. Or, of course, find us on Facebook.