Sallie Ford: South By Northwest Asheville, N.C., native Sallie Ford was born into a musical family, but she didn't find her voice until she moved to Portland. Listen to the singer perform live with her band for

Sallie Ford: South By Northwest

Sallie Ford and her band The Sound Outside bring new takes on some old sounds with a mix of rock, blues and country — a blend that's familiar enough, but given a jolt of energy by the unique voice of the 23-year-old singer. In this live session from, the band plays songs from its debut album, Dirty Radio, which includes the occasional ballad set among burning and sometimes bawdy numbers like "Against the Law" and "I Swear."

Originally from Asheville, N.C., Ford met her bandmates — Jeff Munger, Ford Tennis and Tyler Tornfelt — at an open mic night in Portland, Ore. After catching the attention of The Avett Brothers, the band opened several sold-out shows for the Avetts, and is touring this summer with Jolie Holland.

Coming up soon, Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside will take the stage at the Newport Folk Festival July 30.

This session's audio was recorded by Steven Kray; videos were produced by Jarratt Taylor.