The Mix: A Pacific Northwest Metal Goldmine KEXP's program Seek & Destroy presents a mix of the region's finest metal, from promising up-and-comers to old-school heavies.

The Mix: A Pacific Northwest Metal Goldmine

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Justine Murphy/Photic Photographic

Wizard Rifle.

Justine Murphy/Photic Photographic

While the Pacific Northwest has always had a plethora of heavy-hitting musical options to plunder, there's a bit of a renaissance going on today, especially when it comes to doom, sludge and stoner metal. As the producer and host of Seek & Destroy, KEXP's hard-rock and metal show, I've tried to highlight some of the most promising bands from our region, including Red Fang, Wizard Rifle, White Orange, Lesbian, Norska and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.

I've also included a handful of bands which are no longer active, but remain an influential part of the scene, such as Sleep, Karp and Harkonen. Feel free to recommend your own Pacific Northwest favorites in the comments section.

Artists In The Mix

  • Absolute Monarchs
  • Agalloch
  • Akimbo
  • Aldebaran
  • Android Hero
  • The Annunaki
  • Argonaut
  • Arkhum
  • Atriarch
  • Bacchus
  • Big Business
  • Black Breath
  • Brokaw
  • Brothers of the Sonic Cloth
  • Cull
  • Danava
  • Dark Castle
  • Diesto
  • Dogshredder
  • Grenades
  • Harkonen/These Arms Are Snakes
  • He Whose Ox Is Gored
  • Heiress
  • Helms Alee
  • Karp
  • Lesbian
  • Lord Dying
  • Lozen
  • Madraso
  • Melvins
  • Metal Church
  • Mico de Noche
  • Mongoloid Village
  • Narrows
  • Nazca Lines
  • Nether Regions
  • Norska
  • Princess
  • Rabbits
  • Red Fang
  • The Ruby Doe
  • Salvador
  • Samothrace
  • Sandrider
  • Sleep
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Throne of Bone
  • Triumph of Lethargy
  • Vultures 2012
  • White Orange
  • Witch Mountain
  • Wizard Rifle
  • Wolves in the Throne Room
  • YOB