Culturetopia: Romping In The Deep Edition This week on NPR's podcast of arts and culture stories: "Rolling In The Deep" as a summer jam, Hugh Laurie playing the blues, and the comedy web series Awkward Black Girl.
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Culturetopia: Romping In The Deep Edition

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It will shock you not at all to learn, on this week's podcast of NPR's best arts stories, that Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" was the song of this summer. But this smart report explains how a song released way back in November became this season's definitive tune.

An All Things Considered interview with Hugh Laurie has the star of TV's House opening up about his passion for the blues. He describes his new album, Let Them Talk, as a romp through the music of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans.

Another interview features the creator and star of a hit comedy web series called Awkward Black Girl. Issa Rae talks about working outside the system --and the struggle of self-financing-- in order to depict a black female character far richer and more complicated than ones usually seen on network television.

I've got a story about comedy after Sept. 11 that looks at irony, post-irony, political humor and "too soon." Finally, an insightful piece about a young tech whiz who's left more traditional entrepreneurial venues to become the social media guru for rapper Lil Wayne.

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