J. Viewz On 'World Cafe: Next' : World Cafe The young, Israeli-born artist's eclectic new record, Rivers and Homes, is a synthesis of breakbeat, rock, folk, jazz and R&B.

J. Viewz On 'World Cafe: Next'

J. Viewz On 'World Cafe: Next'

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Billy Kidd

J. Viewz.

Billy Kidd


  • "Salty Air"
  • "The City Means No Love"

Jonathan Dagan, the young Israeli (by way of Brooklyn) also known as J. Viewz, deftly evades categorization. His style is a synthesis of breakbeat, rock, folk, jazz and R&B — just about anything and everything, according to Dagan. His latest album, the eclectic Rivers and Homes, is out now.

Rivers and Homes blends electronica and live instrumentation with the help of some guests, including Noa, Joshua James and Kelly Scurr. The album's release was just as unusual as its contents — J. Viewz fans would receive one song at a time as they became available (the project's original name was Work in Progress). The result is a collection of quirky tunes, each of which stand on their own.

Hear two songs from Rivers and Homes on this week's "World Cafe: Next."