Culturetopia: Not A Rose Garden Edition This week: a Libyan author talks about his semi-autobiographical novel, a writer talks about following up what her family calls "That Awful Book," and Western opera singers expanding their horizons.
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Two books about parents and children this week on our weekly podcast of NPR's best arts stories. Writer Alexandra Fuller discusses her follow-up to Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight. That's the terrific memoir that landed her on the literary map but is known among the Fuller family as That Awful Book. Her latest, Cocktail Hour Under The Tree Of Forgetfulness, chronicles her mother's story as a white British girl who became a banana farmer in the country then known as Rhodesia.

Libyan author Hisham Matar talks about his semi-autobiographical Anatomy of A Disappearance. It's a novel, but it draws from a horrible experience that happened when Matar was a teenager. His father, a political dissident, was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured. Matar tells Steve Inskeep that the story offers a window into the existence of Libyans living under Moammar Gadhafi's regime.

For music, we've got a profile of cellist Zoe Keating and a story about how Western opera singers are beginning to expand into a completely different musical tradition-- classical Chinese opera. And tennis legend Zina Garrison shares some of the music she's been listening to recently.

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