Culturetopia: Hoots and Tweets Edition Feist, Hemingway, and the pleasure of letters, on this week's arts and culture podcast.
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Culturetopia: Hoots and Tweets Edition

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NPR's podcast of the week's best arts and culture stories includes an interview with Feist, the terrific Canadian singer-songwriter who's just released her first album in four years, and there's also a talk with a Hemingway biographer who took quite an usual tack in approaching his subject. By focusing on Hemingway's beloved late-career fishing boat, of all things, author Paul Hendrickson manages to evoke an extraordinary sense of the writer's milieu.

Music editor Tom Cole remembers the career of British folk guitar legend Bert Jansch, and from Kabul, an Afghan-American performance artist discusses why he moved there ...and why he's now decided to leave. Finally, a reflection on the pleasures of letters. You know, those paper things that used to come in the mail.

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