Glen Hansard's Dublin Watch as Hansard takes World Cafe host David Dye on a walking tour of central Dublin; naturally, the two end up with a pint and a horde of local musicians at O'Donoghue's pub.

Glen Hansard's Dublin

Throughout the week, World Cafe travels to Dublin, Ireland — the first stop in a quarterly series called Sense of Place. We hope to give you an idea of the past and present of the city's local music scene and provide tips from musicians and music lovers for those hoping to visit this culturally rich town.

In the video above, enjoy a virtual walking tour of the vibrant musical city of Dublin. Our main tour guide in Dublin is Glen Hansard, the Academy Award–winning songwriter and actor from the film Once, and the leader of Irish group The Frames. Ever the charmer and eager to share his knowledge, Hansard leads World Cafe host David Dye around the old haunts where Hansard got his start as an artist. Undeterred by the rainy weather, the two search for busking musicians and stop at the old Irish pub, O'Donoghue's, for a pint and some live music. Much to the crowd's delight, Hansard joins in to play a few tunes.

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