Culturetopia: Swearing and Songwriting Edition On this week's arts roundup: music interviews about communities, fathers, and the drama of winter.
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Culturetopia: Swearing and Songwriting Edition

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NPR editor Sara Sarasohn also executive produces our podcast of the week's best arts and culture pieces. She describes this week's edition as "three music interviews that will make you think more about the dedication of fathers, swearing, and the relationship between janitorial work and songwriting."

They include Bill T. Jones' haunting story about a song that evokes winter's drama and his own seasonal memories, and a conversation with Minneapolis rapper Dessa, of the collective Doomtree. She talks about how jazz and spoken-word poetry inspired her latest album. Finally, an interview with Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist Cam Penner on growing up in a small religious community and the romantic life that followed. (Host Scott Simon marvels, " I got to tell you, Mr. Penner, you're doing a lot for Mennonites by emphasizing the fun you have."

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