Pop Culture Happy Hour: Our Favorite Moments Of 2011 On this week's show, we look back at our favorite moments of 2011: the singers, the comics, the books that made us feel them all the way to our toes, and more.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Our Favorite Moments Of 2011

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It's our last show of the year, and before we hurry off for a week away, we wanted to offer some of our defining — and just plain favorite — pop culture moments of 2011. Whether it's Stephen's fond memories of a favorite performance in our offices, my great love of a good discussion between friends, or Trey's affection for a marvelous little indie romance, we're covering a lot of ground this week.

We hope that you have a good holiday break if you're taking one, and that if you're not taking one, you get some other kind of a break soon, because everyone needs a break now and then.

Until we see you again, find us on Twitter: : me, Trey, Stephen, Glen and Mike. Or find us on Facebook and tell us your favorite moments of 2011.

Thanks to all for your support and your unending kindness, and we'll see you next year.