Recipe: Basic Infusion From the Kitchen Window column
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Basic Infusion

You can macerate fruits, herbs and even vegetables to make flavored vodka at home, without additional sweeteners. When selecting your base ingredients, remember that produce that is dirty, old or unripe, or vodka that smells like lighter fluid, will not improve just because they are hanging out together in a glass jar for a week. If you wouldn't eat or drink it on its own, it won't taste any better once it's infused. If you don't have a glass infusion jar with a spigot, a Mason jar does the job on the cheap.

Fruit, vegetables or herbs. For citrus, use the zest only or slice fruit thinly.

1 liter vodka, not bottom shelf

Mason jar or other airtight glass container

Cover fruit, vegetables or herbs with vodka. Let sit at room temperature and out of direct sunlight for 2 days if infusing citrus or strongly flavored herbs, and up to 2 weeks if the produce or herbs are fibrous or lighter in flavor.

Shake or turn jar daily. Taste every few days to check potency.

Strain using a mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth or a coffee filter.