Morning Shots: Great Children's Books And An 'American Summer' Reunion This morning: NBC orders up a mess of pilots, the cast of a cult comedy reunites, and hey, why is Selena Gomez going to the Congo?
NPR logo Morning Shots: Great Children's Books And An 'American Summer' Reunion

Morning Shots: Great Children's Books And An 'American Summer' Reunion

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The American Library Association yesterday announced its picks for the best children's and young adult books of the year. They give out a lot of awards, and it's a list that's always well worth perusing. [American Library Association]

I find it hard to believe that they couldn't have found a better photo of The Big Bang Theory producer Bill Prady, but I do agree with him that his show is largely about the ways in which "the feeling of being an outsider is part of the human condition." [ShowTracker]

The only reason I'm sharing the E! headline "Why Is Selena Gomez Going To The Congo?" is that it repeated itself in my RSS feed three times in a row this morning, which resulted in the appearance of a very persistent question. "Why is she going to the Congo? Why? WHY?" And that made me laugh. (Why is Selena Gomez going to the Congo?) [Selena Gomez Going To The Congo]

Wet Hot American Summer is one of those curious movies that never made any kind of a splash when it was released in 2001 (according to IMDB, it made — get this — under $300,000 in theaters), but it gained a strong second life on home video and stars many people who became more famous later, including Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper ... the list goes on. So what better way to celebrate its tenth-plus anniversary than with a staged reading reuniting much of the original cast and a few helpful stand-ins? []

NBC ordered 10 pilots yesterday. Now, this doesn't mean all these shows will see the light of day, obviously, but these are the next 10 shows the network is pursuing. You'll note that the trend toward heavily gender-politicked shows hasn't subsided in this set of concepts. [Vulture]

Charlie Sheen is, perhaps predictably, starting to say somewhat odder things again after being widely praised for seeming more together at the Television Critics Association gathering earlier this month. "I'm free from their bondage," "rocket ship to the moon," etc. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ethan Stiefel is known to smarties as a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. But when I read the news that he was retiring, all I thought was, "THAT'S THE GUY FROM CENTER STAGE!" [Ballet News]