Julian Lage On 'Piano Jazz: Rising Stars' Lage has soulful and serious conversations with his guitar, and with Piano Jazz host Jon Weber.

Julian Lage On 'Piano Jazz: Rising Stars'

Julian Lage On 'Piano Jazz: Rising Stars'

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Julian Lage.

Courtesy of the artist

As a child, Julian Lage was quickly recognized as a guitar prodigy. He recorded with David Grisman and toured with Gary Burton before he was old enough to drive. Since then, Lage has evolved into a composer with a deep understanding of the scope of American music, as evidenced by his fine 2011 album Gladwell. But Lage also continues to challenge himself as a musician by writing etudes that stretch his technique.

"I wanted to write a series of guitar pieces that basically challenged me and pushed me to refine some of these things that I hear other players do, but don't quite know how to practice them," Lage says. "Each one embodies a different skill set that I want to get better at."

Lage solos in his "Etude No. 1" and "Alone Together," and joins host Jon Weber for "Just Friends."

Set List

  • "Alone Together" (A. Schwartz, H. Dietz)
  • "Welcoming Committee" (J. Lage)
  • "Greylighting" (J. Lage)
  • "I Remember You" (V. Schertzinger, J. Mercer)
  • "Sleepy Time Gal" (R. Egan)
  • "The Prince & The Pauper" (E. Korngold)
  • "Etude No. 1" (J. Lage)
  • "Just Friends" (J. Klenner, S. Lewis)