Donny McCaslin Group: Live In Concert (2012) Tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin has long been known as an exceptional jazz soloist. Lately, he's been on a funk-fueled electric bender, and if this dubby, space-age show is any indication, his band won't unplug any time soon.

Donny McCaslin Group: Live At 92Y Tribeca

Donny McCaslin on The Checkout: Live

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Tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin has long been known as an exceptional jazz soloist — in Dave Douglas' quintet, the Maria Schneider Orchestra or most of his own previous bands. But he went on an electric bender with 2011's Perpetual Motion, a funk- and groove-heavy disc featuring electric piano and bass guitar. With another recording in the works, he shows no signs of unplugging any time soon.

Full of dubby bass and space-age synthesizers, the Donny McCaslin Group performed in a double bill with Adam Rogers' Dice Trio at 92Y Tribeca in downtown New York City. The concert was broadcast on air via WBGO and in an online video webcast at this page on NPR Music. For more information about this series and a full concert archive, visit

Set List

All compositions by Donny McCaslin.

  • "Stadium Jazz"
  • "Gritty"
  • "Tension" [video highlight]
  • "[Untitled - Theme]"
  • "Energy Generation"


  • Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone
  • Jason Lindner, Fender Rhodes/Prophet synthesizer
  • Tim Lefebvre, electric bass
  • Mark Guiliana, drums


Producer and Host: Josh Jackson; Audio Engineer: David Tallacksen; Production Assistant: Michael Downes. Recorded Feb. 29, 2012 at 92Y Tribeca in New York, N.Y. Photo by John Rogers for NPR /