Super Tuesday Primaries: Blog And Results There were contests in 10 states; 419 of the 1,144 delegates needed to be the nominee were at stake.

Super Tuesday Primaries: Blog And Results

Mitt Romney did what he had to do by winning the Ohio primary. Rick Santorum nearly delivered what might have been a knockout punch in the Buckeye State, and by winning contests in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee ensured that he and Romney will continue to battle in the coming weeks.

Newt Gingrich, by coasting to victory in his home state of Georgia, once again lived to fight another day. And Ron Paul, as he has in the past, pushed on with his message about civil liberties and the Constitution.

It was Super Tuesday for the 2012 GOP presidential contenders and it ended the way it began — with Romney holding a lead in the race for delegates, but Santorum hot on his heels in the race for Republican votes. And with Gingrich and Paul pledging to continue their campaigns.

We live blogged as results came in from the 10 states (except for Alaska, where caucuses ended too late to include). Scroll down and "read up" if you want to see how things played out in chronological order. And be sure to check back with for updates on the results and the all-important hunt for delegates.