Culturetopia: Curtain Call Edition Mike Nichols, the cultural politics of Zumba, and a fond tip of the hat to the theatrical curtain call — this week in the best of NPR Arts.
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Culturetopia: Curtain Call Edition

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This week's podcast of the best arts stories on NPR include a fascinating, wide-ranging interview with director Mike Nichols, that touches on everything from his experience fleeing the Nazis as a little boy, to experimenting with comedy with Elaine May at the University of Chicago, to directing such films as The Graduate and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf to his marriage to newswoman Diane Sawyer.

Books reporter Lynn Neary zeroes in on the fevered hunt among publishers for the next literary blockbuster franchise for teenagers-- the next Twilight or The Hunger Games. Also from literature land, the eternal question "what is truth" never felt less abstract among people who edit and publish non-fiction books, articles and memoirs.

A look at the cultural politics of Zumba, the Latin-inflected way to work out that's become so popular in so many gyms, and a tip of the hat to curtain calls from film critic Bob Mondello.

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