A Tour Of Anne Tyler's Baltimore Take a visual tour through an interpretation of renowned Baltimore author Anne Tyler's neighborhood.

A Tour Of Anne Tyler's Baltimore

Most of Anne Tyler's novels are set in Baltimore, in and around the place where she and her husband lived for many years. The area has an idyllic feel, with winding, tree-shaded streets and a mix of beautiful old houses.

We asked photographer Chris Hartlove to photograph some of the areas evoked by her writings. Hartlove has lived in Tyler's Baltimore neighborhood his whole life. He says he has run into her at Eddie's Grocery.

Some of the places on the map are explicitly referenced in her writings. For example, her new novel, The Beginner's Goodbye, mentions Cold Spring Lane, in the heart of Roland Park. Penn Station is the iconic setting of A Patchwork Planet.

While some excerpts from her books directly correlate to these images, many do not. As you explore this interpretation of Tyler's Baltimore let the magic of fiction transport you, the reader, to a place not your own — even if the place just happens to exist.