Morning Shots: A New York Drafthouse And Working With Jennifer Lawrence This morning: The Alamo Drafthouse comes to New York, Fandango has a big quarter for online movie tickets, and one movie critic takes back some of her contempt for Titanic.

Morning Shots: A New York Drafthouse And Working With Jennifer Lawrence

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The much-loved Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, based in Austin, Tex. (where I enjoyed its hospitality during the SXSW Film Festival) has decided to open a place in New York. Congratulations! You should be able to get in with no trouble after about the first two years. [The New York Times]

After editing out some – but not all – of the F-words that were bothering the MPAA, Bully will now go out for its theater expansion next weekend with a PG-13. It's difficult to see anything this nonsensical as a positive thing, but at least this debate has opened up some discussions about ratings and how they operate. [The L.A. Times]

The Hollywood Reporter has the lowdown on the upcoming shooting schedules for the sequels to The Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class, which are working around the fact that there is only one Jennifer Lawrence for them to share. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Strong box office and the fondness of consumers for buying movie tickets on their tablets and phones contributed to big money and the biggest quarter ever for Fandango, the online ticket outlet. [Deadline]

Speaking of movie tickets, people are a little excited about The Avengers. [E! Online]

Dana Stevens at Slate wrote a lovely essay yesterday about the fact that she completely dismissed Titanic when it came out in 1997, but upon its 3-D rerelease, she allowed herself to rediscover it and found that she understood its appeal for the first time. [Slate]

I'm telling you about the Alberta Ballet's plans for a performance saluting the music of k.d. lang, just so I can tell you that it's called Balletlujah! [Globe And Mail]