Third World Love: Live In Concert As its name suggests, this quartet borrows from the folk-dance rhythms of Africa and the Middle East. But it also draws on the perspective of modern jazz. Hear a live recording.

Third World Love: Live From 92Y Tribeca

Third World Love In Concert

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The quartet Third World Love, made up of three Israelis and one New Yorker, plays acoustic music with the feel of small-group jazz and the rhythmic trusses of the Mediterranean and Middle East. There's an earthy, polyglot folk flavor to the band's five records — the new Songs and Portraits comes out days before this show — and a bit of dance-floor audacity, too. Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Yonatan Avishai (piano), Omer Avital (bass) and Daniel Freedman (drums) deliver mightily on execution, as one might expect from a collection of jazz-trained virtuosos.

Third World Love followed the band Now vs. Now on a double bill in downtown New York City, presented by The Checkout: Live concert series. The shows were broadcast on air via WBGO and in an online video webcast on NPR Music on April 26. For more information about this series and a full concert archive, visit

Set List

  • "Bedouin Roots"
  • "Nature's Dance" [video highlight]
  • "Sandrine"
  • "It Could Have Been Uganda"
  • "Alona"
  • "La Suite Africain"
  • "Third World Love Story"


  • Avishai Cohen, trumpet
  • Yonatan Avishai, piano
  • Omer Avital, bass
  • Daniel Freedman, drums


Producer and Host: Josh Jackson; Audio Engineer: David Tallacksen; Production Assistant: Michael Downes. Recorded April 26, 2012 at 92Y Tribeca in New York, N.Y.