Now Vs. Now: Live In Concert Jason Lindner refracts the sounds of New York City, from bebop to way beyond. His electro-groove trio, heavy on synths, bent bass notes and backbeats, slings a cosmopolitan take on the jam session.

Now Vs. Now: Live From 92Y Tribeca

Listen Now: Now Vs. Now In Concert

The trio Now vs. Now is the brainchild of Jason Lindner, a piano and synthesizer whiz whose background is as much bebop as the many musical worlds of New York City. With vocalizing electric bassist Panagiotis Andreou and master beatsmith Mark Guiliana, Lindner has developed an electro-groove trio, an urban slang take on the jam. Now vs. Now has a 2009 record under its belt, and is about to make another one; its performances are full of knobs twiddled, otherworldly chants over bass breakdowns and snare drums crisply snapped.

Now vs. Now joined the band Third World Love on a double bill in downtown New York City, presented by The Checkout: Live concert series. The shows were broadcast on air via WBGO and in an online video webcast on NPR Music on April 26. For more information about this series and a full concert archive, visit

Set List

  • "Future Favela"
  • "Volcano"
  • "Alternate Current" [video highlight]
  • "Friendship and Love" (a.k.a. "Pretty Three")
  • "Seven Ways"


  • Jason Lindner, piano/synthesizers
  • Panagiotis Andreou, electric bass
  • Mark Guiliana, drums


Producer and Host: Josh Jackson; Audio Engineer: David Tallacksen; Production Assistant: Michael Downes. Recorded April 26, 2012 at 92Y Tribeca in New York, N.Y.