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Hear two new tracks from Two Man Gentleman Band

Courtesy of the artist
Two Man Gentlemen Band.
Courtesy of the artist


  • "Pork Chops"
  • "Tikka Masala"

Self-described as "hot, raucous, retro swing for two," Two Man Gentlemen Band lives up to its claim. But, as the name suggests, there's a subtle ridiculousness to the group's sound. Andy Bean and Fuller Condon have made a career of recording old-school, '60s-style folk on vintage equipment, only to pack their songs with parodies, anachronisms and absurdities.

On its sixth release, Two at a Time, the Brooklyn duo is at it again. The album opens with "Pork Chops," a song which claims, "My girl tastes like pork chops when I kiss her / I wonder what she had for dinner." The juxtaposition of silly lyrics and sleek retro sounds continues throughout the album, with lines like, "Sunburn: I'm gonna get one / Bikinis: I'm gonna see some." Hear "Pork Chops" and "Tikka Masala" from the new album on this episode of World Cafe: Next.