Doctor Who There sure are some oddly-named doctors out there. Puzzle wordsmith John Chaneski introduces us to Dr. Ink and his cohort, by challenging contestants to add the letters "DR" to ordinary words.
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Doctor Who

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

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There sure are some oddly-named doctors out there. Puzzle wordsmith John Chaneski introduces us to Dr. Ink and his cohort, by challenging contestants to add the letters "DR" to ordinary words.



You're listening to ASK ME ANOTHER, NPR's show for people who have multiple dictionaries, you know, just in case there's a word emergency. I'm your host, Ophira Eisenberg, and with me is our resident puzzle expert, John Chaneski.


JOHN CHANESKI: Hello. Hello, Ophira. Hi. I have six dictionaries.

EISENBERG: You've six?


EISENBERG: Oh, so just four more till the complete collection.

CHANESKI: One more for every day of the week and then maybe one for every month. I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

EISENBERG: I like the idea of one dictionary per month. All the different Websters since December.

CHANESKI: Right, I've got the NI2, I got the 10C, I got all of them.

EISENBERG: Wow, I don't even know what you're saying any more.

CHANESKI: There's things, there's codes.


CHANESKI: Special puzzle guide dictionary codes, yeah.

EISENBERG: Codes for special puzzle guys. Well, those are things I'll never need to know.


EISENBERG: Let's welcome our next two contestants on ASK ME ANOTHER.


EISENBERG: We have Malia Jackson.


EISENBERG: And Adam Okrasinski. Welcome, contestants.




So Malia, you co-write crossword puzzles?

JACKSON: Yes, with my husband.



EISENBERG: Do you guys get into fights and it's passive aggressive through the crossword puzzles? You're like, "Check out the answer to B4."

JACKSON: Not so much. We have our different strengths and weaknesses.

EISENBERG: And Adam, you work in social media, which is great.


EISENBERG: I love that because that's sort of like being paid to just "Facebook."


EISENBERG: Yeah. I love that you just agreed with that, by the way.


EISENBERG: And I'm told from a little research that you once lived - I find this fascinating - on a Navajo Reservation. Is that true? Middle School.

OCKRAZINKSY: That, yeah that's true.

EISENBERG: Where was this?

OCKRAZINKSY: Well, my mom is a reporter for Court TV and then Court TV got bought and changed into what it is now, which is, like, re-runs of basketball games, truTV.


OCKRAZINKSY: But, so, she was looking for a job and found a job as a lawyer on the Navajo Reservation.

EISENBERG: Did you learn the language?

OCKRAZINKSY: Actually, oddly enough, one of my required courses in junior high school was Navajo language.



EISENBERG: Can you give us anything?

OCKRAZINKSY: Yeah, yeah. Adam Okrasinski (Navajo spoken). And that would basically be saying like my name is Adam Okrasinski and I'm learning to speak Navajo. And then...


EISENBERG: Yeah, that's impressive.

OCKRAZINKSY: And then generally I would go on from there to tell you about my clan history...


OCKRAZINKSY: ... which for me would be explaining that all four of my clans are Clan of White People.

EISENBERG: Ah, the Clan of White People. All right, well you might, that might come in handy with this game, 'cause this game is called Doctor Who. John, is this some sort of Doctor sci-fi Who television show that you love from the past?

CHANESKI: Unfortunately no. I do want to be the next companion. Anybody else want to be the next companion?


CHANESKI: A few other people. No, this game - do you remember the TV, you know the TV show "Scrubs"? I'm not sure the main character wrote the screenplay about a Dr. Acula who was secretly a vampire? Of course Dr. Acula is really Dracula. Yeah, you get it. In this game we're looking for nicknames for doctors that are also other words.

For example, if I said my doctor collects pens and also the pigments used in pens, her nickname might be Dr. What, Ophira?

EISENBERG: It's Dr. Ink.

CHANESKI: Dr. Ink, right, which is also the word 'drink', right.


CHANESKI: My doctor is a part time bar tender, right.

EISENBERG: As they should be.

CHANESKI: Of course.

EISENBERG: Yes, Malia, you look ready? Adam? All good. You understand? Excellent. Take it away John.

CHANESKI: Good. I know a doctor who loves to go sailing, but he always sits in the back part of the boat. They don't call him Dr. Fore, they call him?


JACKSON: Dr. Aft. Draft.

CHANESKI: Dr. Aft. Very good.


CHANESKI: Say it again. And the whole word is?

MARIA JACKSON: The whole word is draft.

CHANESKI: Draft, yes. Nice, nice going. I would not want to see this doctor who is quite clumsy and always dropping things. He got his nickname from what he often says when he does drop things. Dr. Malia?

JACKSON: Dr. Oops.

Dr. Oops. Very good.


CHANESKI: And the whole word is?

JACKSON: Is droops.

CHANESKI: Droops. Very nice. Ironically this doctor is herself often quite sick. She doesn't feel very well. Dr.? Adam.


CHANESKI: Dr. Ill, yes.


CHANESKI: And the whole word is?


CHANESKI: Drill is right. This doctor never rents anything, cars, apartments. He insists on having the deed... Malia?


CHANESKI: Dr. Own. Yes. And the whole word is?


CHANESKI: Drown, yeah. Very good.



CHANESKI: All right. Let me see if I can give you guys a little something, little something stop them here. This doctor has quite a successful sideline handcrafting leather goods like belts.

Yes, Malia.

EISENBERG: Malia doesn't even the hint.

CHANESKI: Who's this?


CHANESKI: Dr. Awl, right.



CHANESKI: And the whole word is?

JACKSON: It's a crossword word, drawl.

CHANESKI: Drawl, yes. She talks with a Southern accent. Yes, she does, very nice.

EISENBERG: Did you get a copy of our script beforehand Malia?

JACKSON: I didn't, I didn't. I'm really caffeinated.

OCKRAZINKSY: This is what I get for competing against a crossword puzzle writer.

EISENBERG: You're doing great, you're doing great.

CHANESKI: Adam's, Adam's, Adam's on the board. Adam's on the board. Here's our last one. This doctor is always getting mistaken for a rock star. He looks a lot like the lead guitarist for U2.


JACKSON: Dr. Edge.

CHANESKI: Dr. Edge, yes.


CHANESKI: And the whole word is?

JACKSON: Dredge.

CHANESKI: Dredge, like we do to the Gowanos Canal, yes.

EISENBERG: Wow, congratulations. Malia, you'll be moving on to our ASK ME ONE MORE final round at the end of the show. Adam, I don't know how to thank you enough.


EISENBERG: Great contestant. Well done John, that was a very hard, hard word game.

CHANESKI: And a word game person just happened to win.


CHANESKI: What are the chances?

EISENBERG: Well done.

JACKSON: Thank you.

EISENBERG: All right John, you're up. Can you give our audience another clue as to who our mystery guest is?

CHANESKI: Oh sure. Our guest's initials remind me of a candy that melts in your mouth. But she's an author and a blogger, not a rapper.


CHANESKI: Mm. Hm-hm-mm.

EISENBERG: Smarties.

CHANESKI: Smarties, yes.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's the answer. All right, well we get to find out very soon. So exciting.

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