All Answers Are Alliterative In this quiz led by puzzle guru John Chaneski, every word in each answer will begin with the same letter. Prepared to play, puzzle people?
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All Answers Are Alliterative

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All Answers Are Alliterative

All Answers Are Alliterative

All Answers Are Alliterative

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In this quiz led by puzzle guru John Chaneski, every word in each answer will begin with the same letter. Prepared to play, puzzle people?


You're listening to ASK ME ANOTHER, NPR's show for people who need more than puns. I'm your host, Ophira Eisenberg. And standing on the stage slightly too close to me is our resident puzzle expert, John Chaneski.

JOHN CHANESKI: Hi everybody.


CHANESKI: I'll try to back off a couple of feet, if that's OK.

EISENBERG: I like you close to me, don't be - don't take that in the wrong way. And we have our contestants. Oh, I love that you guys just shook hands, very sportsmanlike. Well done. That is good conduct. Please welcome Brian Wolly and Kate Symes.


EISENBERG: You're raring to go? Brian, I've been told, by my producer, you're Web Editor for "Smithsonian" magazine.

BRIAN WOLLY: Yes, that's correct.

EISENBERG: That is so fascinating.

WOLLY: It's every day you learn something new. It's great.

EISENBERG: Anything that would like to tell me about? Recent, some recent favorite?

WOLLY: Well recently we had a poll of who had the best civil war facial hair.


WOLLY: Of generals from the north, from the south and, you know, of course Burnside won, you know.


WOLLY: He sort of has an unfair advantage.

EISENBERG: Is there a particular person that you enjoyed the most?

WOLLY: I went with J.E.B. Stuart. He just had a crazy, wispy moustache that just could not be beat.


EISENBERG: And Kate, you do a lot of things: standup, theatre, and now you do improv?

KATE SYMES: Yes, not fulltime, but that's a hobby of mine.

EISENBERG: Oh nice, that is a good hobby. All the time just being like, give me a suggestion, how about a spatula?



SYMES: Everywhere I go, I want word suggestions.

EISENBERG: I am with you. Well this is a fantastic game called All Answers Are Alliterative. Isn't that exciting? That's my favorite thing to say and it sounds self-explanatory. John, is it exactly how it sounds?

CHANESKI: I'm super stoked to say that sure is so, sweetie. It sure is self-explanatory.


CHANESKI: All answers - Yeah.

EISENBERG: Well you were getting close.

CHANESKI: We're getting closer, aren't we? All Answers Are Alliterative. In this quiz, all answers at least three words long, and every word in the answer will begin with the same letter, which we will give you up front. For example, if the clue was, starting with B, an organization set up to look out for consumers. You would say, Ophira.

EISENBERG: Oh yes, I would say, the Better Business Bureau.

CHANESKI: I think you've got it, Ophira. Contestants, you got it? Got it?


WOLLY: Got it.

CHANESKI: Excellent. Remember, whoever scores higher will move on to our Ask Me One More final round at the end of the show. Here we go. Starting with the letter B, name the alliterative dish associated with the capital of Massachusetts, made with (bell ringing) bacon, molasses, and legumes. Brian.

WOLLY: Boston Beans.

CHANESKI: I need three words.

WOLLY: Boston Baked Beans.

CHANESKI: Yes, Boston Baked Beans. Want you to have that one. Starting with the letter O, since 1989, what presidential ceremony has been performed (bell ringing) on the West Portico of the U.S. Capitol? Brian.

WOLLY: Oath of Office.

CHANESKI: Oath of Office is right.

EISENBERG: Oath of Office.


CHANESKI: Starting with the letter W, if this were a quiz featuring two word answers, we might have a question about the film "Mad Max." But since it's not, what three word Mel Gibson film should we use? (bell ringing) Brian.

WOLLY: "What Woman Want."

CHANESKI: "What Woman Want" is right, way to go.

EISENBERG: Oh my god.


EISENBERG: Kate, he's brilliant. What women want is Brian, clearly.

SYMES: I guess so.

CHANESKI: What women want is to get in the game. Come on, just to do it, OK.


CHANESKI: Starting with the letter R, in what song does Chuck Berry urge the title character, "Santa's got to make it to town"? (bell ringing) I'm going to go with Brian, sorry Brian. I mean, go Brian.

WOLLY: Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer?


SYMES: Oh that was my answer. Reindeer - rocking reindeer?


SYMES: Rock and roll - rock and roll reindeer.

CHANESKI: Very creative of you.

EISENBERG: Yeah, those are all great songs.

CHANESKI: Can I get a hand in the audience? Does anybody know the answer to this? This lady right here.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #4: "Run, Run Rudolph."

CHANESKI: "Run, Run Rudolph" is right. Whizzing like a merry-go-round. Give that lady a point, OK?


CHANESKI: Starting with the letter G, according to a traditional kids' song, how would you refer to the viscous intestines found in certain rodents, usually organized in quote "great green gobs"?


CHANESKI: Somebody never went to camp.

EISENBERG: Robbed of a childhood. Brian, nods yes.

CHANESKI: I'm going to throw it to this lady in the front row.

AUDIENCE MEMBER #5: Greasy grimy gopher guts.

CHANESKI: Greasy grimy gopher guts...

EISENBERG: Gopher guts.

CHANESKI: right.



CHANESKI: So far the audience is winning.

EISENBERG: Brian, Kate, did you know that, now that you hear it?

SYMES: I did not. I went to a Catholic youth organization.


WOLLY: And I went to Jewish socialist camp [UNINTELLIGIBLE].


I guess not a lot of singing, not a lot of singing.

CHANESKI: Starting with the letter C, if you ask your ami Jean-Luc how he's doing, and his joie de vivre is only fair, how might he reply? (bell ringing) Kate?

SYMES: Comme ci, comme ca.

CHANESKI: Yes, comme ci, comma ca.

EISENBERG: Comme ci, comma ca.

CHANESKI: Very good.


EISENBERG: Oh, so it was very close, but Brian you are our winner for this round.


EISENBERG: You'll be coming back to our final Ask Me One More at the end of the show. Another hand for Kate.


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