Morning Shots: 'Arrested Development' Keeps Up The Big Tease This morning: Newsweek gets another cover controversy, the UK joins the US in loving bad literature, and magazines say "ouch."

Morning Shots: 'Arrested Development' Keeps Up The Big Tease

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If you're looking for a documentary that might be short on theater play but become a very popular home-video choice, you could make a worse guess than Only The Young, a charming little movie about three teenagers that's just been acquired by Oscilloscope. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The teasing of photos and other details from the upcoming Arrested Development webisodes is going to get tired if they keep it up incessantly, but for now, you can enjoy Jason Bateman's tweeted photo from the set. [The Hollywood Reporter]

It's not easy being a magazine these days: a new report shows that newsstand sales of major magazines took a great big hit in the first half of 2012. [Fishbowl NY]

Now and then, we are reminded that if Americans are going to cultural hell in an emotionally empty handbasket, we are not doing so alone: Fifty Shades Of Grey is now the bestselling book in Britain of all time. Whee! [The Guardian]

I get that they're referring to the characters being played in the routine, but I'm not sure I would have headlined my synchronized swimming story with a reference to "Russia's Sinister Dolls," given the sort of weird history of the way the American media has, in the past, covered Russian athletes. [The New York Times]

Heaven knows I am the last person to endorse a kind of "Who cares about this?" attitude with regard to things that are merely frivolous, but as embarrassing as I find this gross Newsweek cover, I'm not sure I can muster outrage over this sort of thing anymore. [The Washington Post]