Frankie Rose In Concert The indie-rock veteran performed material from her two solo albums at the Prospect Park Bandshell for Celebrate Brooklyn.

Frankie Rose In Concert

Frankie Rose In Concert

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Frankie Rose was a founding member of critic's favorites Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls. Since 2009, she's released two solo records, including this year's Interstellar. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and her band were right at home on the Prospect Park Bandshell stage, playing as comfortably as if they were jamming in a tiny practice space. Yet the magnitude of their simply stated pop reverberated throughout the Celebrate Brooklyn crowd.

The straight-up, no-frills rock band oscillated between slower, keyboard-driven numbers and faster, guitar-heavy songs — the latter especially differentiated by the drummer's use of mallets. Throughout the set, Rose's seasoned vocals stood out even more when accompanied by her keyboardist and backup vocalist. Their sirenesque harmonies evoked a film soundtrack and set the stage for another woman-fronted headliner, Little Dragon.

Set List

  • "Moon In My Mind"
  • "Know Me"
  • "Pair Of Wings"
  • "Night Swim"
  • "Had We Had It"
  • "A Forest" (by The Cure)
  • "Daylight Sky"
  • "Save Me"


Audio engineer: Josh Rogosin. Special thanks to Celebrate Brooklyn and BRIC Arts.