A Twitter Conversation: #NPRCities Roundtable 2 As Hurricane Isaac bears down on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, some urban thinkers joined us on Twitter to explore what cities can do to prepare for disasters.
NPR logo A Twitter Conversation: #NPRCities Roundtable 2

A Twitter Conversation: #NPRCities Roundtable 2

We've been reporting on cities and the environment in recent weeks: what makes a city resilient to environmental disasters and how cities are preparing for the effects of climate change, including flooding, storms and extreme heat.

We've also explored the question of how cities can mitigate climate change and the challenges of incorporating green space into densely populated areas.

A few urban thinkers joined us for a Twitter discussion about this and other issues, including architect and urban designer Craig Applegath (@resilientcity), Alex Wilson of Building Green and the Resilient Design Institute (@atwilson), Mary Newsom (@marynewsom), also associate director of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, The Atlantic Cities staff writer Nate Berg (@nate_berg), Next American City Executive Editor Ariella Cohen (@ariellacohen), who also co-founded TheLensNOLA.org, and Eli Lehrer (@elilehrerdc), president and co-founder of R Street.