KCRW Presents: Twin Shadow George Lewis Jr. could barely stand during his recent visit to Morning Becomes Eclectic, but that didn't stop him from performing. Watch Twin Shadow deliver "Golden Light" in the KCRW studios.

KCRW Presents: Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow's latest album, Confess, features a bunch of undeniably great electro-pop songs that have made their way onto KCRW's airwaves. Still, it was even more impressive to see them performed in a live setting. The man behind the moniker, George Lewis Jr., was seated during the session — due in large part to back pain resulting from his obsession with motorcycles. (Long rides have inspired much of his music.) A free spirit, he wears his passions on his sleeve in this performance.

Watch Twin Shadow perform "Golden Light," and then catch the entire session over at KCRW.com.