Rodney Crowell On Mountain Stage One of country music's most respected songwriters released an album called Kin, on which he collaborates with poet, novelist and fellow Texan Mary Karr. Hear him perform six songs.

Rodney Crowell On Mountain Stage

Rodney Crowell On Mountain Stage

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Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage
Rodney Crowell.
Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell makes his fourth appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live on the campus of Ohio University in Athens. From the time he arrived in Nashville in the early '70s, Crowell has remained one of country music's most important songwriters. His work with Emmylou Harris' Hot Band — and, later, alongside Vince Gill and Tony Brown in The Cherry Bombs — is the stuff of legend. The collaborations led to Crowell's first solo album, 1978's Ain't Living Long Like This, but mainstream success wouldn't arrive until a decade later, with Diamonds and Dirt.

In 2001, Crowell released the autobiographical Houston Kid, which was widely hailed as a career highlight — a tall order for a man who'd already been in the business for three decades and seen his songs covered by countless country superstars. Crowell's latest album, Kin, is a collaboration with poet, novelist and fellow Texan Mary Karr.

Set List

  • "Anything But Tame"
  • "Riding Out The Storm"
  • "Still Learning How To Fly"
  • "God, I'm Missing You"
  • "Closer To Heaven"
  • "Frankie Please"