Yukon Blonde On World Cafe : World Cafe The Vancouver band visits David Dye to play unexpectedly sunny songs from its new album, Tiger Talk.

Yukon Blonde On World Cafe

Yukon Blonde On World Cafe

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Courtesy of the artist

Yukon Blonde.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "Sweet Dee"
  • "Stairway"
  • "Nico Canmore"

The physical environment surrounding a band can have a pronounced influence on the songs said band produces, whether it's a sunny beach in Malibu or a craggy, wind-swept hillside in Scotland.

Given that Yukon Blonde calls Vancouver home, it wouldn't be surprising if the group's music took some cues from the perpetually rainy skies that settle over the city every winter. Perhaps as escapism, though, the songs written by Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Graham Jones and John Jeffrey have an inherently sunny quality to them, drawing heavily from 1970s American radio-rock.

Here, Yukon Blonde runs through a few of those songs during the band's visit to World Cafe.