Red Wanting Blue On Mountain Stage Red Wanting Blue has been called "America's local band" for its dogged touring habits. The group makes its Mountain Stage debut playing country music and Americana-influenced rock.

Red Wanting Blue On Mountain Stage

Red Wanting Blue On Mountain Stage

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Red Wanting Blue makes its first appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the historic Keith-Albee Theatre in Huntington, W.Va. in partnership with the Marshall Artists Series. As host Larry Groce says in his introduction, Red Wanting Blue "earned their fans the right way — bar by bar and concert by concert."

Proudly based out of Columbus, Ohio, Red Wanting Blue has toured so extensively that some have taken to calling it "America's local band." After a long string of successful self-released records, the band's latest — From The Vanishing Point — was released by Fanatic Records. The album debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart — a fitting testament to the band's loyal and growing fanbase. Singer-songwriter Scott Terry is joined by Eric Hall on lead guitar, Mark McCullough on bass, Dean Anshutz on drums and Greg Rahm on keyboards.

Red Wanting Blue is followed by Mountain Stage singer Julie Adams performing the Leonard Cohen song "Anthem."

Set List

  • "Pour It Out"
  • "Spies And Lovers"
  • "Walking Shoes"
  • "Hope On A Rope"
  • Julie Adams — "Anthem"


Watch Red Wanting Blue play "Hope On A Rope" live from Mountain Stage.