Bruce Cockburn On Mountain Stage The Canadian singer-songwriter plays a few political tunes during his 13th appearance on Mountain Stage.

Bruce Cockburn On Mountain Stage

Bruce Cockburn On Mountain Stage

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Bruce Cockburn makes his 13th appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. When Cockburn first visited Mountain Stage in 1990, he was already regarded as one of Canada's most respected musicians.

Cockburn's most recent studio album, Small Source of Comfort, includes a tune that begins with an arresting line: "My name is Richard Nixon / but now I'm just a girl." The song, "Call Me Rose," imagines the 37th president reincarnated as a single mother having a difficult go at life.

Always politically engaged as a writer, Cockburn once performed his song "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" for Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan, and was awarded — temporarily, at least — an actual rocket launcher. Cockburn closes his set with "Put It In Your Heart," from his 2003 album You've Never Seen Everything.

Set List

  • "Deer Dancing Around a Mirror"
  • "Call Me Rose"
  • "Call It Democracy"
  • "God Bless the Children"
  • "Put It In Your Heart"


Watch Mountain Stage host Larry Groce interview Bruce Cockburn backstage at Mountain Stage.