Stephan Crump's Rosetta Trio: Live From 92Y Tribeca Bassist Stephan Crump wears many musical hats. His Rosetta Trio, with two guitars, strives for quiet sophistication. Here, he presents his late-afternoon back-porch ditties for interlocking strings.

Rosetta Trio: Live From 92Y Tribeca

Rosetta Trio: Live In Concert

Stephan Crump's low-end theory will be familiar to fans of the world-renowned Vijay Iyer Trio, where Crump has discharged bass responsibilities for many years. Apart from his globetrotting and other sideman duties, he's also a composer, both for film and for his own bands. Of late, his best-known project has been the Rosetta Trio, featuring the dueling timbres of an electric guitarist and an acoustic foil. That band is preparing to release Thwirl, its third album, in the fall; Crump and company give us a preview of his late-afternoon back-porch ditties here.

Opening for Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors, the Rosetta Trio took the stage at the 92Y Tribeca in downtown New York, as part of the WBGO concert series The Checkout: Live. WBGO and NPR Music presented a live radio broadcast and online video webcast of both sets. For the full concert archive of this series, visit

Set List

All compositions by Stephan Crump

  • "Reclamation Zone"
  • "Carrousel en Verre"
  • "He Runs Circles"
  • "Thwirl"
  • "Here Not Here"
  • "Still Stolid"


  • Stephan Crump, bass
  • Jamie Fox, electric guitar
  • Liberty Ellman, acoustic guitar