Matt Munisteri On 'Song Travels' Munisteri and Michael Feinstein share tunes that, while forsaken by the past, are easy to remember.

Matt Munisteri On 'Song Travels'

Listen Now: Matt Munisteri On 'Song Travels'

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Courtesy of the artist

Matt Munisteri.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Matt Munisteri (voice, guitar), Michael Feinstien (piano), "Get Acquainted With Yourself" (Cahn, Chaplin)
  • Munisteri (voice, guitar), "Little High Chairman" (Robison)
  • Willard Robison (excerpt), "T'ain't So Honey T'ain't So" (Robison)
  • Munisteri (excerpt), "Revolvin' Jones" (Robison)
  • Munisteri (voice, guitar), "Let's Do Something Bad" (Munisteri)
  • Munisteri (voice, guitar), "Lazy Bones" (Carmichael, Mercer)
  • Munisteri (voice, guitar), Feinstein (piano) "Give Me The Roses (While I Live)" (Cornelius)
  • Munisteri, "We'll Have A New Home In The Morning (excerpt)" (Robison, Robinson)
  • Munisteri (voice, guitar), Feinstein (piano), "Devil Is Afraid Of Music" (Robison)

Matt Munisteri is a guitarist, vocalist and composer with an ear for a bygone era. A masterful and mainly self-trained musician in high demand, he has arranged for and performed with artists including Mark O'Connor, Julian Lage, Catherine Russell and Diana Krall.

Munisteri has been compared to Randy Newman, Mose Allison and Bob Dorough. His love of jazz, swing and Dixieland has led him to rediscover many of the all-but-forgotten musicians of the early 20th century, including American singer-songwriter Willard Robison.

His latest album, Still Runnin' Round in the Wilderness, explores the compositions of Robison, artfully arranged and interpreted by Munisteri. On this episode of Song Travels, Munisteri and host Michael Feinstein share tunes that, while forsaken by the past, are sure to be easy to remember.

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