Music Interlude Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings join us on stage to play a song. This is not something you want to miss.

Music Interlude

Music Interlude

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Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings join us on stage to play a song. This is not something you want to miss.

CARL KASELL: From NPR and WBEZ-Chicago this is WAIT WAIT...DON'T TELL ME!, the NPR News quiz. I'm Carl Kasell. We're playing this week with Mo Rocca, Tom Bodett, and Paula Poundstone. And here again is your host, at the New York University Skirball Center, Peter Sagal.



Thank you, Carl. Thank you everybody. In just a minute, Carl will complain about the throngs of tourists in Rhymes Square. It's our Listener Limerick Challenge. If you'd like to play, of course, give us a call at 1-888-Wait-Wait. That's 1-888-924-8924. Now here on stage with us today at the Skirball Center in New York is Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Before we get to more of our games, let's hear a little something. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.



SHARON JONES: (Singing) I've been laying alone for hours, but I haven't slept at all. My eyes are closed but I'm listening for your call, for your call. These feet, they're too tired for walking. These knees, they're too weak to crawl. But these arms are strong enough to hold you. If you call, if you call. Am I dead or am I living? I feel no blood, no blood in these veins. But I can live, live and die like this forever if I know I'll taste your lips again.

(Singing) I say, doctor, doctor, come cut my heart out 'cause it hardly, oh, beats at all. But please, please leave me a little portion just in case, just in case my baby calls. Just in case my baby calls. If you call. If you call. If you call. Call me baby. I want you to pick up that phone. Pick up the phone and call me.

Thank you.



PAULA POUNDSTONE: Boy, I mean to sing like that.

SAGAL: Yeah.

TOM BODETT: Some day.

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