Coffee Break: Of Weddings And Looming Parental Mortality And German In today's not-quite-the-news read: A celeb wedding, some backstory from the Times, and a sobering web utility that'll make you want to call mom.

Coffee Break: Of Weddings And Looming Parental Mortality And German
A cup of coffee.

No, it's not Morning Shots today. Some of us just really aren't morning people. (What, breakfast is the only time you caffeinate?)

Without further ado:

* Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita got married, and a lot of stars were there, which is nice and all, but waitwhatdidyousaytonykushnerofficiated? [The Wrap]

* Spike Lee goes the Kickstarter route, inevitably fueling another round of "famous people are ruining Kickstarter by hogging all the money when they've already got plenty." One of the site's cofounders argues (again) that it doesn't work that way. [Andy Baio]

* The Hollywood glass ceiling, as perceived by one fairly dispiriting Tumblr. [Hollywood Boys Club]

* @EmilyNussbaum on the incredible shrinking reputation of "Sex and the City," or In Defense of Disagreeable Women. [The New Yorker]

* Many, many media nerds have been parsing this story closely today. Is it just me, or do the words "stodgy old poops" seem to be peeping out from between the lines there? [The New York Times]

* Hey, I used to work here! [via @TdoubleB]

* This is going around among some tech-nerd friends. I blame @InaFried of AllThingsD for the sobs now resounding around my pod. [CNet News]

* And we're very sorry to those of you who hail from fair Allemagne, but this reminder of some of the eternal verities about the German language came to us by way of a friend who works at the Goethe-Institut. So, y'know, we have some cover. [YouTube]