The Olms On World Cafe : World Cafe On their new collaborative album, Pete Yorn and J.D. King blend jangly folk with psychedelic vibes.

The Olms On World Cafe

The Olms On World Cafe

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Courtesy of the artist

The Olms.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • "On The Line"
  • "Someone Else's Girl"
  • "Wanna Feel It"
  • "Love Is All Around"

Pete Yorn has long had a way with hooky rock songs, so it was easy for him to connect with fellow L.A. musician J.D. King over a mutual love for '60s music. The two first started recording together just for fun, blending folk-rock and subtle psychedelia into a joint project they call The Olms.

Named for a small cave-dwelling amphibian that adapts itself to living in complete darkness, King and Yorn say they didn't necessarily expect their music to see the light of day. On this installment of World Cafe, hear a few retro-leaning tracks from the pair's self-titled album.

World Cafe Playlist for August 8, 2013