Alela Diane, 'Lost Land' (Live) The singer-songwriter recently held a special concert at The Old Church in downtown Portland, Ore., to celebrate her new album. Watch Diane perform "Lost Land" with the aid of a string section.

Alela Diane Performs 'Lost Land' At Portland's Old Church

In a sense, Alela Diane's new album About Farewell represents both a new beginning and a return to form. The Portland, Ore., singer-songwriter's fourth record is a candid collection that finds her adopting a contemplative tone, especially compared to the meatier full-band sounds of 2011's Alela Diane & Wild Divine.

The new record contains the most personal songs Diane has written, and with good reason: Her recent divorce from Wild Divine bandmate Tom Bevitori serves as a constant inspiration, though not always in a direct way.

"I think that that experience forced me to dive into past memories," Diane says. "This time, I was the one who left, so it forced me to remember what it was like to be left, as well."

The result is a kind of informed examination of farewell as she's known it, and it's lovely if not always carefree listening.

We recently joined Alela Diane and her band (including Heather Woods Broderick on vocals, piano and guitar, Ben Lansverk on viola, Samantha Kushnick on cello, Nathan Crockett on violin and Holcombe Waller conducting) during sound check before her recent concert at The Old Church in downtown Portland.


  • Audio: Steven Kray
  • Video production and photo: Jarratt Taylor