AllDayPlay: Turnt Up Radio We let some Bay Area teens take over an NPR Music Radio channel. Hear songs from your (soon-to-be) favorite hip-hop and beats-based artists in our latest mix.

The Mix: Youth Radio's AllDayPlay Channel

Bay Area teens made us a mix of their favorite new hip-hop and beats-based jams.

Youth Radio's AllDayPlay Channel

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Courtesy of the artist

Bay Area rapper Antwon.

Courtesy of the artist

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AllDayPlay.FM, Youth Radio's online radio station, offers eclectic, uniquely curated music for fans of hip-hop, electronic and soul music. This "best of" stream was programmed for by AllDayPlay's teenage interns and production assistants. Youth staff came together in a series of editorial meetings to filter and distill music from the wildest corners of the Internet into a collection of songs that represent our favorite musical movements and moments of the last year. From the international sounds of "soul-trap" artists like Kaytranada and Cashmere Cat to the irreverent party music championed by the Bay Area's own HBK gang, this channel covers the full spectrum of the soulful, beat-based music we love.

The AllDayPlay.FM station was created to provide an alternative to commercial radio. With a street-level studio in downtown Oakland, Calif., the project combines an oft-refreshed playlist with 32 weekly mix shows from DJs and musicians. Our roster of more than 100 contributing DJs includes D-Sharp, Zumbi, Vinroc and Davey D, as well as crews like the Wild'n'Krazy Kids, Trill Team 6, the AmazingZooCrew and Sweaterfunk DJs.

In the words of one of our hosts, DJ Sake 1, "AllDayPlay is an authentic representation of Bay Area music, culture and taste. In a massively trend-setting region, this is no small feat."

AllDayPlay's 5-Song Primer

  • IamSu!, 'On Citas'

    This track epitomizes so many things about the San Francisco Bay Area's style, and we love it. HBK head honcho Iamsu! (who also produced the song) released this on his mixtape Kilt 2. Anything with Keak usually wins for us, and hearing him on a beat typifying HBK's brand of Richmond party music is great.

  • Chance The Rapper, 'Acid Rain'

    This was the song that had us checking for everything released by Chicago's Chance the Rapper. Produced by ADP favorite Jake One, this song still stands out as Chance's best since the recent release of his Acid Rap mixtape.

  • Robert Glasper Experiment, 'The Consequences Of Jealousy' (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)

    This song was a welcome re-up, helping sustain Robert Glasper's reign on ADP throughout 2012. From the Black Radio Recovered remix EP, we were happy to see "The Consequences of Jealousy" receive an L.A.-sun-baked remix from singer, writer and producer Georgia Anne Muldrow.

  • SBTRKT, 'Nervous' (feat. Jessie Ware)

    SBTRKT's self-titled debut, which felt like the second coming of Bugz in the Attic's heyday, was AllDayPlay's favorite release of 2011. Not satisfied with playing those songs into the ground, we put this single in heavy rotation.

  • 2 Player Co-Op, 'Petrograde' (James Blake Recontextualized)

    Hip-hop duo 1-O.A.K. and Trackademicks. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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    Courtesy of the artist

    Hip-hop duo 1-O.A.K. and Trackademicks.

    Courtesy of the artist

    This track is nuts. ADP and Honor Roll super-alums Trackademicks and 1-O.A.K. took James Blake's incredible "Retrograde," turned it up and lit it on fire. Enjoy it, and proceed to dance a lot.