Eric Hutchinson On 'Song Travels' The singer-songwriter tackles "Tracks of My Tears" in a session with host Michael Feinstein.

Eric Hutchinson On 'Song Travels'

Listen: Eric Hutchinson On 'Song Travels'

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Courtesy of the artist

Eric Hutchinson.

Courtesy of the artist

Set List

  • Eric Hutchinson (voice, guitar), "Watching You Watch Him" (Hutchinson)
  • Hutchinson (voice, guitar), "Rock And Roll" (Hutchinson)
  • Hutchinson (voice, guitar), "Breakdown More" (Hutchinson)
  • Hutchinson (voice, piano), "OK, It's Alright With Me" (Hutchinson)
  • Hutchinson (voice, piano), "Best Days" (Hutchinson)
  • Hutchinson (voice, guitar), "Tracks Of my Tears" (Robinson)
  • Hutchinson, "The Basement (excerpt)" (Hutchinson)

Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson's self-released debut album, Sounds Like This, made it to No. 5 on iTunes' albums chart. His music has also been featured on the TV series Grey's Anatomy, and he's toured in support of Kelly Clarkson.

On this episode of Song Travels, Hutchinson and host Michael Feinstein discuss the lineage of pop music, from Frank Sinatra and The Beatles to Elvis Costello and The Strokes. Performances include original songs by Hutchinson, as well as his take on Smokey Robinson's "Tracks of My Tears."

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