Anna Von Hausswolff Finds A Pipe Organ In New York City NPR Music captures a beautiful rendition of "Funeral For My Future Children." Since von Hausswolff performs on a pipe organ, it was tough to find a perfect location: Christ Church in New York City.

Anna Von Hausswolff Finds A Pipe Organ In New York City

One of my most surprising discoveries of 2013 is an artfully poppy pipe-organ record called Ceremony, by Swedish singer Anna von Hausswolff. Though she doesn't consider herself an accomplished pipe organist, von Hausswolff quickly learned the instrument's power, as well as some of its subtleties.

When we learned that von Hausswolff was coming to New York City this summer, we started scouting for a church with a pipe organ that could accommodate a small video crew and some secular music. We found Christ Church, a United Methodist church on Park Avenue with a gracious staff who helped us make this work.

Once we were set for a location, we lit some candles and moved the pipe organ (not the pipes) into a position that allowed us get the best view of von Hausswolff while keeping percussionist Michael Stasiak distant enough so as not to bury the sound of her voice. In the process, we captured a beautiful rendition of "Funeral For My Future Children," a song on Ceremony originally recorded at another church — this one in Gothenburg.


Producers: Mito Habe-Evans & Bob Boilen; Videographers: Parker Miles Blohm, Mito Habe-Evans, Mike Katzif; Audio engineer: Kevin Wait; Editor: Parker Miles Blohm; Special thanks to Christ Church New York City; Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann