Eleanor Friedberger, 'Stare At The Sun' (Live) The singer-songwriter, known for her work in Fiery Furnaces, recently brought a batch of hummable songs to Seattle's KEXP for an in-studio performance.

KEXP Presents: Eleanor Friedberger

After spending nearly a decade side-by-side with her brother Matthew in the duo Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger has found a voice of her own. The Brooklyn singer-songwriter wrote a batch of songs between tours, and by the time she took them cross-country to Los Angeles to produce her next solo album, she knew exactly how she wanted the songs to sound.

That album, Personal Record, is just that: Friedberger crafted it in such a way that it would feel personal to everyone, with songs in which anyone could insert themselves into the narrative. Her recent tour brought her back to the West Coast and KEXP's studios. Try not to hum along as Friedberger and her band perform "Stare At The Sun."