A Male Belly Dancer, Social Activism On Instagram, 'Thriller' Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR's Arun Rath about an Instagram artist with a social conscience, one man breaking into the world of belly dancing, and the timeless innovation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

A Male Belly Dancer, Social Activism On Instagram, 'Thriller'

A Male Belly Dancer, Social Activism On Instagram, 'Thriller'

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The online magazine Ozy covers people, places and trends on the horizon. Co-founder Carlos Watson joins All Things Considered regularly to tell us about the site's latest discoveries.

This week, he tells NPR's Arun Rath about a socially conscious photographer who has chosen Instagram as his platform, a man who's shaking up the world of belly dancing, and the timeless innovation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

The New And The Next

  • 'Thriller' Still Fresh At 30

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    Courtesy of Ozy.com

    "Michael Jackson. The red jacket. The incredible moves. The 14-minute-long video — I don't know if you remember that — it was incredible. ... Could best be described as a mini-movie, which was very different from music videos at the time.

    "And a lot of criticism of those who thought he was spending too much money, half a million dollars, it was too long. But ultimately when it finally ran in late November of 1983 it became quite the, pun intended, 'thriller.'"

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  • Instagram Gets A Conscience

    Courtesy of Ozy.com
    Ruddy Roye
    Courtesy of Ozy.com

    "Forty-three year old Ruddy Roye was a writer and journalist in his native Jamaica. Born in Montego Bay. Ultimately got frustrated with his fellow photographers, who often didn't come up with real enough photographs and pictures. He began taking them himself, and once he discovers Instagram he puts together pictures of people who have been marginalized — whether they're poor, whether they're homeless, whether they face some other kind of difficulty.

    "His thought is that so often in life, particularly these days, we're able to gloss over the difficulties. And he wants to be what he calls, 'the pothole in our road.' He wants us to stop and face things that are difficult and not going well for others. And he's developed a really incredible following."

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  • The Male Belly Dancer

    "There is a terrific young fellow named Rashid Alexander. Grew up, in part, in Curacao down in the Caribbean. ... And at a very young age discovered what some people would call male belly dancing, but which he refers to as 'Oriental dancing' — owing to it's longer, nearly 6,000-year lineage.

    "He's magical with it, and it's led people all over the world to enjoy his work."

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