Tell Me More: Crowdsourcing Questions for 'Day in the Life' Twitter Series Tell Me More hosts a special twitter series with 15 African-American entrepreneurs and tech innovators to find out what a day in their life is like. Listeners tweet their questions using @TellMeMoreNPR or #NPRBlacksinTech and the participants will answer them over the course of three weeks.

Tell Me More: Crowdsourcing Questions for 'Day in the Life' Twitter Series

Tell Me More: Crowdsourcing Questions for 'Day in the Life' Twitter Series

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Use #NPRBlacksinTech on Twitter and send us your questions. NPR hide caption

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Use #NPRBlacksinTech on Twitter and send us your questions.


What does a typical, or not so typical day consist of in the tech world? From December 2-20, African-American entrepreneurs and techies from across the country will use #NPRBlacksinTech on Twitter while participating in "A Day in the Life," a special social media series that follows tech heavyweights and rising stars through the course of one day.

We are asking you to help us identify the 5 questions we'll pose to them on Twitter as part of "A Day in the Life." This is a chance to help shape the conversations and answer any burning questions you may have about working in the tech and entrepreneur sectors.

Tell Me More is an NPR news-talk program, hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin. Stephen Voss hide caption

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Stephen Voss

"'A Day in the Life' allows us to experience, in real time, the imprint that African-Americans are making on our country's STEM engine," says Tell Me More host Michel Martin. "The series throws open the door to the worlds of these highly important, but largely invisible, individuals. And the engagement we're already generating with #NPRBlacksinTech demonstrates this incredible appetite for knowledge about the lives of African-Americans who are on the cutting edge of innovation."

Share your questions on Twitter @TellMeMoreNPR using the hashtag #NPRBlacksinTech or email them to

Tell Me More is an innovator in creating compelling cross-platform segments with a dynamic digital footprint, featured in live Twitter chats that brought together thousands of participants across the country.


  • Mario Armstrong, 'Hashtagologist' for #NPRBlacksinTech

    Official 'hashtagologist' for #NPRBlacksinTech special series. Courtesy of Mario Armstrong hide caption

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    Courtesy of Mario Armstrong

    Official 'hashtagologist' for #NPRBlacksinTech special series.

    Courtesy of Mario Armstrong

    Digital Lifestyle Expertâ„¢ Mario Armstrong serves as the official Hashtagologist for #NPRBlacksinTech, keeping an eye on different social media channels and reporting back with all the highlights! Armstrong is an Emmy Award winning TV host, entrepreneur and technology contributor for NBC's TODAY Show, CNN, HLN, Fuse News and NPR.


Tech Gurus and entrepreneurs will answer your questions during Tell Me More's "Day in the Life" series on Twitter.

  • Ayori Selassie

    Ayori Selassie, founder of Pitch Mixer Entrepreneur Forum
    Courtesy of Ayori Selassie

    Product Manager of and founder of Pitch Mixer Entrepreneur Forum. Ayori Selassie's passion for technology and entrepreneurship led her to co-found Pitch Mixer, a nonprofit that encourages entrepreneurs in undeveloped communities to share their business ideas and receive feedback and advice.

  • Walter Kimbrough

    Walter Kimbrough, President of Dillard University.
    Courtesy of Walter Kimbrough

    Known as the Hip Hop President, Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough has been recognized for his research on historically black colleges and universities and for his use of social media to engage students.

  • Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennet, senior VP and CIO of BAE Systems
    Courtesy of Michael Bennett

    Dr. Michael Bennett leads the development and implementation of information technology strategy in his role as Senior Vice President of Information Management and Chief Information Officer at the global company, BAE Systems, Inc.

  • Anjuan Simmons

    Anjuan Simmons, author of Minority Tech: Journaling Through Blackness and Technology
    Courtesy of Anjuan Simmons

    With over twenty years of experience as a software developer, infrastructure designer and software project manager, Anjuan Simmons offers his perspective of being an African American working in the technology sector in his book, "Minority Tech: Journaling Through Blackness and Technology."

  • Rachel Brooks

    Rachel Brooks, co-founder of Citizen Made
    Courtesy of Rachel Brooks

    After working in the fashion and advertising worlds, Rachel stepped into the software industry and co-founded Citizen Made, an e-commerce platform that allows individual brands to design custom products.

  • Reginald Farrow

    Dr. Reginal Farrow, a research professor of physics at New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Courtesy of Reginald Farrow

    A research professor of physics at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Dr. Reginald Farrow studies nanotechnology and biophysics in order to understand how cells communicate internally and with other cells. He and his team have fabricated the world's smallest biofuel cell which could one day be used to power biomedical devices.

  • Deena Pierott

    Deena Pierott, founder of iUrban Teen Tech.
    Courtesy of Deena Pierott

    Change agent Deena Pierott is the founder of iUrban Teen Tech, a program that exposes under-served teens to career opportunities within science and technology. The program consists of tech summits, tech tours, mentoring, job shadowing, workshops, and Jr. Toastmasters.

  • Danielle Lee

    Danielle Lee, outreach scientist Danielle Lee.
    Courtesy of Danielle Lee

    A self-titled hip-hop maven, Danielle Lee is a biologist and outreach scientist. Her blog, "The Urban Scientist", focuses on urban ecology, environmental science and diversity within the science field. She uses social media and hip-hop to make science relevant and accessible to urban youth audiences.

  • Tony Reynolds

    Tony Reynolds, Founder and CEO of AKickIn Crowd
    Courtesy of Tony Reynolds

    Tony Reynolds is the founder and CEO of A KickIn Crowd, an innovative crowd funding platform for school sports, athletes, and health and fitness projects.

  • Michael Barber

    Michael Barber, Vice President of General Electric's Healthymagination.
    Courtesy of Michael Barber

    A GE veteran for over 25 years, Michael Barber is currently the Vice President of GE's Healthymagination, a $6 billion strategy to revolutionize the world's health by improving access, affordability and quality of care.

  • Tammara Combs

    Tammara Combs, Founder and CEO of Serendipity Interactive.
    Courtesy of Tammara Combs

    After serving as Vice President of Lowe's Companies, Dr. Tammara Combs founded Serendipity Interactive, a boutique focused on delivering e-commerce, mobile, and social media solutions.

  • Charles Custon

    Charles Custon, Founder and CEO of Fonefill
    Courtesy of Charles Custon

    Charles Custon is the founder and CEO of Fonefill, a startup that aims to bring tabletop phone chargers to bars, restaurants, resorts and theme parks across the country

  • James Oliver

    James Oliver, founder and CEO of We Montage.
    Courtesy of James Oliver

    James Oliver is the founder and CEO of WeMontage, an innovate website that allows anyone to transform personal photos into professional, custom wallpaper collages.

  • Bill Harris

    Bill Harris, Senior Vice President and Group Operations Manager at Bank of America
    Courtesy of Bill Harris

    Bill Harris' expertise lies in financial technology and security. He serves as the Senior Vice President and Group Operations Manager at Bank of America.